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Each year, educators and youth from across the world convene at the National Service-Learning Conference to share ideas, network, and affect change. The conference offers interactive classroom sessions, engaging preconference sessions, and many opportunities to meet and reconnect with other inspirational leaders!

This year’s theme is Justice in Action.

Service-learning is justice in action. It’s young people taking notice of inequities where they see them, and taking steps to address them. It’s educators joining in partnership with students, to make education fair and meaningful for all. It’s problems that need solving – environmental justice, economic justice, human rights – solved by those least likely to be asked to solve them, but to whom those solutions matter most.

Join us in action. Create. Demonstrate. Lead. Facilitate. Serve. Organize. Resist. Triumph. Do something. If you dream of a just world like we do, let’s make it happen.

Whether you’re young or young at heart, we’re confident this conference will inspire you to make a difference in the world. When you attend the National Service-Learning Conference®, you join hundreds of students, educators, and government leaders from across the country and around the globe. This event provides the tools, resources, ideas, and support you need to return home and make positive changes in your schools and communities.

So, how do you prepare students with the skills they need to make positive change in the world? You engage them in complex, meaningful projects by bringing service-learning into the classroom and into their lives. They (and you!) can learn how to do this at the National Service-Learning Conference.

Thought Leader Sessions (learn from leaders in the field) – These sessions provide conference participants the opportunity to interact with keynote and other major speakers on topical areas including civic learning, youth leadership, social-emotional development, peace-building, and more.

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Wisdom Teachings: A Gathering of Elders
Elder have shown extraordinary wisdom as teachers, counselors, and holders of history. Their life lessons are contained in philosophies, oral histories, and ceremonies handed down from one generation to the next. Their connection to the past helps us remember who we are, why we serve, and what we must do to change the world. In this special gathering, elders speak from their traditions and life experiences. Young people are encouraged to attend and ask questions of the elders.

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Onsite Service Projects

You don’t have to leave the hotel to serve! Participate in on-site projects between sessions and after plenary luncheons. All projects benefit the host community of Saint Paul and Minneapolis.

Every Child Deserves a Birthday Cake! Come help us make birthday cards to be given (along with a cake mix and can of frosting) to food insecure families so their child(ren) can celebrate their birthday.

Great Big Beautiful Dolls: Come join us to stuff dolls that will be given to children who are experiencing trauma…help us comfort them!

Toys for Pets: Join us as we create dog toys for the Northern Lakes Animal Rescue operation. This groups works to give animals a voice who are otherwise unheard…and we will make toys that will be distributed with animal adoption kits.

Reusbale bags: Benefiting the Northern Lakes Animal Rescue operation, this project uses unused t-shirts to create reusable bags for adoption kits.

Take a Bite Out of Hunger: Help us take a bite out of hunger in Mounds View Schools. Come and see what we will create out of food donations and remember that March is Minnesota Food Share Month!

Stick with Hope-Esperanza Lee: Encouraging youth mental wellness, this project focuses on writing and distributing personalized sticky notes of encouragement among youth. These notes reprinted with “There is ALWAYS hope” on the bottom. Come and write a note and leave it for someone else to receive or write one for someone and take one that was written for you.

Rain Barrel: Express yourself through art. Help H2O for Life decorate a rain barrel by adding a painting of your own design on the barrel. This Rain Barrel will be raffled off at a later date to support an H2O for Life WASH Project globally.

UN Sustainable Goals Crown: Design a crown with a multi-purpose mission. Not only will you have the opportunity to develop a fun new hat to wear for the day but it is also a wonderful way to engage others in conversation and teach them about the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

Be Smart. Take Part. Prepare. We see countless stories on the news of hurricanes, earthquakes, fires and the like but somehow, we still believe that a disaster can never happen to us. As time goes on, patterns and locations of areas that were considered more commonly effected are less accurate. Disasters can strike anywhere at any time. Stop by our project to make learn more about how to prepare for disasters yourself and help others get one step ahead by creating "preparedness packages." A representative from local organization, Headwaters Relief, will be receiving our donations and distributing them to people in need.