Academic Overview

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Classroom sessions are broken into 60-minute Engaged Learning and 30-minute Sharing Successes sessions. In an effort to be more inclusive and sensitive to individual learning needs, we’re presenting in three distinct learning formats. They are:

Lecture (listen and learn) – If you like to absorb information by listening to a speaker deliver a lecture, then these sessions are perfect for you. These sessions contain a low level of interactivity.

Interactive (learn from experts and practice) – These sessions feature hands-on learning with facilitation through listening, moving, touching, doing, and discussing, and are designed to provide a medium level of interaction. If you want the opportunity to openly discuss how the content can be applied to your world, then these are the right session for you.

Peer-to-Peer (learn from each other) – These are participant-led sessions with the highest level of interactivity. If you want sessions where you learn from your peers through discussions and sharing of your own experiences, peer-to-peer is the way to go. A facilitator will drive the process, but you will only get out what you are willing to put into it.