Preconference Sessions
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Preconference Sessions

Wednesday, April 9
9:00 a.m. – 12:00 p.m.

Pre-registration required. Additional fee applies

P101: Using Common Core State Standards to Design Academically Rigorous Service-Learning Experiences
Presenter: Susan Valdés, National Youth Leadership Council
Co-Presenter: Elizabeth Koenig, National Youth Leadership Council

How can K-12 classroom teachers ensure that they are planning service-learning projects that will enhance student achievement and meet Common Core State Standards? This preconference session is designed to help educators who use service-learning as an instructional strategy to think deeply about the learning goals they want students to attain. Join NYLC’s professional development staff in a hands-on session that uses backward planning to design service-learning. You’ll learn a process for tying service-learning experiences directly to the Common Core State Standards, explore strategies for assessing students learning, and leave with a template for creating service-learning experiences that help students achieve learning goals.

P102: REMIX – Hip-Hop as a Tool for Change
Presenter: Julia Sewell, international motivational speaker, spoken word artist and facilitator
Primary Audience: All

The preconference session redefines what it means to be a leader by engaging participants in the arts such as: spoken word, rap, dance, song, writing, and acting. This session not only encourages participants to “think outside the box”, but to get rid of the box altogether! Get ready to get creative and change the world through the arts.

P103: Technology and Service-learning, an Engaging Combination
Presenter: Lana Peterson, National Youth Leadership Council
Co-Presenter: Marcus Penny, National Youth Leadership Council

In this highly interactive workshop, participants will explore how technology supports the use of service-learning within the TPACK framework. Technology and service-learning have both proven to be effective engagement strategies for the classroom. Used together, technology allows students to serve others more efficiently and effectively. Attendees will examine standards-based examples of direct, indirect, and advocacy service-learning utilizing technology tools and will get the opportunity to meet and share with others throughout the workshop. Each attendee will leave with concrete ideas and plans for using service-learning in their school or classroom and a large library of free technology tools.

P104: Leadership Safari: Exploring New Territory in the Practice of Service-Learning
Presenter: Dr. James Toole, President/CEO, Compass Institute

While much of the core vocabulary, tools, and frameworks for service-learning emerged some 20 years ago, there is a surging interest globally in reinventing philanthropy and service. We welcome adventurous educational explorers to experience how advances in international development, global health, positive psychology, economics, and design can advance traditional service-learning practice. You’ll exit the safari with a portfolio of fresh tools, project ideas, new forms of community interaction, and avenues for deeper social impact.

P105: An Innovative Look at 21st Century Competencies Applied to Service-Learning
Presenter: Cathryn Berger Kaye, CBK Associates
Primary Audience: High School Teachers, Elementary Teachers, Middle/Jr. High Teachers, Curriculum Coordinators, Administrators, Counselors

What's the buzz on 21st century competencies and skills? How do these 21st century abilities integrate with the process of high quality service learning? Do they assist in meeting and exceeding Common Core State Standards? During this fast paced interactive session, we will:

Practical ideas and handouts you can use right away.

P106: Start with the End in Mind: Planning and Evaluating Projects That Really Can Change the World
Presenters: Michael Minks and Silvia Golombek, YSA (Youth Service America)
Primary Audience: K-12 Service-Learning Coordinators, CBO’s/Nonprofits/NGO’s

Do you ever wonder if your service-learning projects really are changing the world? This session will help you plan and evaluate high-impact service and learning experiences by starting with the end outcome(s) in mind. We’ll take IPARD/C to a whole new level, planning innovative projects that are mission-driven, evidence-based, and outcomes-focused and exploring the best ways to measure whether you really made a difference. Participants will also dive deep into several hot topic issue areas, including hunger, childhood obesity, teen driver safety, and the environment (STEM). Facilitators will lead a guided walk-through of several topical YSA resources and explore how others have successfully addressed each issue. All workshop participants will leave with YSA’s highly-acclaimed Semester of Service Strategy Guide, YOUth Changing the World Toolkit, specific issue resources, lots of promising practices, and new ideas!

P107: 25 Tools that WORK: REAL Tools & Strategies to Raise Your Service-Learning Game!
Presenter: Eric Rowles, Leading to Change
Primary Audience:

Get ready for a lightning round of proven tools and strategies to raise your service learning efforts. We'll cover the BEST of media tools, program design, funding, and even youth/adult ally communication methods. You'll leave with your head spinning, a handout of resources, and NEW ideas to take back to your community!

By the end of this presentation, participants will be able to: