Day of Service: A Celebration of Global Youth Service Day
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Don’t just visit D.C.– give back!

Saturday, April 12
9:30 a.m. – 1:45 p.m. – Serve! at the Henry Bacon Ball Field, National Mall
2:00 p.m. – Public Address from the Lincoln Memorial Steps, National Mall

We invite all conference attendees to give back to the D.C. community during the Day of Service: A Celebration of Global Youth Service Day, Saturday, April 12. In partnership with YSA (Youth Service America), this fun and engaging event will give back to the host community of D.C. by providing direct service, connecting community members and attendees to nonprofits in the area, and by providing the opportunity to hear from community leaders.

The Day of Service will be held on the National Mall near the Lincoln Memorial. Conference attendees and community members are welcome to arrive throughout the day to participate in the various onsite activities hosted by partner organizations. Of note, the National Cherry Blossom Festival Parade will take place on Constitution Avenue at 10:00 a.m., bringing thousands of D.C. residents as well as tourists to the National Mall during the Day of Service.

Join our Day of Service partners, including the Peace Corps, D.C. Habitat for Humanity, Earth Force, generationOn, and Special Olympics Project UNIFY, and many more in projects addressing environmental needs, health and inclusion needs, and educational needs of the community.

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Serve! on the National Mall

Thank you to our lead sponsor, The J. Willard and Alice S. Marriott Foundation

Rainbarrels, Raindrops, and Water!
Hosted by: H2O for Life
Visit H2O for Life and fine out how YOU can change the world.  Learn about the global water crisis while participating in actions to raise awareness.  Learn about rain barrels, advocacy letters, walks for water and enjoy a wearable art activity to promote thinking global.

Students Rebuild Water Challenge
Hosted by: Bezos Family Foundation
The Students Rebuild Water Challenge will bring clean, safe drinking water to people in need. Participate by making paper beads –we’ll match them with funding for 41 water projects in Tanzania!

Jump for Recycling
Hosted by: generationOn
Reduce, reuse, and recycle by creating jump ropes out of recycled plastic bags and donating them to a local youth program - a great project for all ages!

Special Olympics Unified Sports Experience
Hosted by: Special Olympics
Join Special Olympics Project UNIFY as we host a Unified Sports Experience in bocce. Meet amazing individuals with and without intellectual disabilities and see the power of inclusion. Come play!

The Gift of Literacy (Kits)
Hosted by: United Way Worldwide
United Way invites volunteers to help give children a chance to develop strong reading skills and set them up for success by creating literacy kits and writing encouraging notes to young readers. Every literacy kit will be paired with a book and provided to children with limited access to books at home.

Giggle Book
Hosted by: Community Health Corps Maryland
Led by AmeriCorps members, volunteers will write jokes, riddles, and funny sayings, as well as draw pictures in handmade books that AmeriCorps volunteers will provide to community health clinics to add to their patient waiting rooms.

Bundles of LOVE
Hosted by: For 3 Sisters
Bundles of LOVE is a project designed to encourage breast cancer fighters during their journey. Men, women, and children from around the world send cards and letters of encouragement and support, which are later bundled and sent to the man or woman fighting breast cancer.

McKenzie’s Corner
Hosted by: For 3 Sisters
McKenzie's Corner is a 'think outside the box' program designed to engage kids in the effort to raise awareness about breast cancer, and to help keep moms healthy. By providing our youth the opportunity to color "The Pink Fireman," we are providing the opportunity for children to remind their moms to stay healthy. When the child takes the picture home, our hope is the picture will serve as a visual reminder to mom, as well as spur dialogue with other members of the family, who are probably wondering, “why there's a Pink Fireman on the refrigerator.”

Combatting Hunger
Hosted by: Jack and Jill of Montgomery County
With the increasing rate of hunger in their community, Jack and Jill of Montgomery County is spreading the word about local food banks and food pantries by creating flyers that are distributed to homeless shelters, schools, and community organizations to inform the public about available resources to combat hunger.

Great Capital Clean Up
Hosted by: Kick Butts Day
Smoking cigarettes is toxic to our bodies and cigarette butts are toxic to our environment. Cigarette butts are the most commonly discarded piece of waste worldwide, contain toxic chemicals and are NOT biodegradable. Join us to help clean up the Capital and support others trying to kick the habit.

The Breakfast Effect
Hosted by: Share Our Strength
Tying into their yearlong school breakfast campaign, a goal of which is to get 1 million messages out about breakfast, volunteers will help spread the word about the importance of providing kids with school breakfast by writing letters to their elected officials.

Buttons for Service
Hosted by: KID (Kids International Discovery) Museum
Volunteers will create buttons with positive messages about volunteering and the importance of young people giving back to their communities.

KID to Kid
Hosted by: KID (Kids International Discovery) Museum
Youth are invited to create postcards for children in Dutlwe, a small village in Botswana which is currently being served by the Peace Corps. Participants will attach pencils to the postcards and then insert the postcards in KID Museum's Sculptural Globe.

Altering Perceptions
Hosted by: Parkdale High School
Volunteers will engage in awareness and advocacy activities such as creating homeless awareness slogans and taking pledges in the form of artwork and poetry to help break the stereotypes that the public has about homeless people.

Get Active for GYSD
Hosted by: YSA (Youth Service America)
YSA will provide participants young and old with the opportunity to participate in a GYSD celebration activity that incorporates classic field day games.

Helping Youth Eat Real
Hosted by: Food Day
Food Day volunteers will lead several activities in which you will learn how to navigate through the food environment to find real food. You will learn to distinguish between eating whole foods that come straight from plants or animals and the foods that are processed and stripped of nutrients.

Tidal Basin Beautification
Hosted by: National Parks Services, in partnership with the National Youth Leadership Council
Help keep our National Parks clean! Join our Recycling Crew under the cherry trees of the picturesque Tidal Basin to help visitors sort recyclables and keep the Tidal Basin clean.

Montgomery County Volunteer Center
Montgomery County Volunteer Center will provide informational handouts about how someone can find volunteer opportunities in their community.

Food & Friends
Food & Friends will provide informational handouts about how someone can volunteer with their organization, as well as distribute handouts about their work in the DC community. Tentative, pending approval by director - Food & Friends will make cards for their clients who are living with HIV/AIDS, cancer and other life-challenging illnesses, who receive meals, groceries, and nutrition counseling.

Peace Corps
The Peace Corps will provide informational handouts about their organization and how they can sign up to be a volunteer.