In General Information

You can expand the conference by helping bring in a diverse group of youth and adults from around the globe through your sponsorships funds. For information on contributing, contact Amy Meuers, Marketing and Communications Director, at or (800) 366-6952.

Attending MONUMENTAL can be a large expense, but the educational opportunities offered are worth every penny.  Searching for funding to attend the conference is an option that many attendees choose to pursue.
Possible Projects to Raise Money

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Consider also asking local community groups and organizations for donations.  Groups such as Kiwanis, Rotary, Lions etc. are always willing to support community service or service-learning events.

» Sample Fundraising Letter

Fundraising Tips

Set a fundraising goal: Set the amount of money you wish to raise during your campaign. 

Create and follow a timeline for your fundraising campaign: Every goal has a start and end date. Chart out smaller goals within your timeframe to help ensure you are on our way to meeting your goal. 

Create positions for those involved with set responsibilities: Form a team and give everyone responsibilities throughout the campaign. Write these down and record when they are met. 

Know your audience and do your research: Research whom you will be partnering with and who you will be inviting to your events. It is important to know your audience. That way you can create and maintain solid relationships with your funders. 

Find volunteers and partners: Form a reliable group of volunteers that will help you meet all your fundraising needs. Create separate goals, timelines and responsibilities for them as well. 

Publicize your campaign heavily: Use various mediums of communication to promote your fundraising campaign. Examples include: Social media (it’s free), print ads, press releases, articles, interviews, word of mouth, etc. 

Create a system to record and manage money: Create and monitor a system to manage the funds you raise. Assign 1-2 people to be in charge of recording and watching the funds. 

Follow up with donors to thank them for their contribution: It is extremely important to thank your donors for their contribution. Make sure to get each donor’s contact information so you can follow up with them, thanking them and providing them highlights and learning gained from their sponsorship.

Please also check out our scholarship opportunities.