We hope you will join the rest of the service-learning community as we strive to make the conference Green Vision a reality and help Denver move towards its goal of a sustainable community for generations to come.

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You can help support renewable energy and reforestation projects which address the carbon produced from traveling to the conference. Purchasing carbon offsets is a simple way for individuals and organizations to take action on global warming.

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Sustainable Travel International

Colorado Convention Center

The Colorado Convention Center is committed to assisting customers in achieving their sustainability goals for meetings and conventions, as well as recognizing the importance for facility, customers, employees and community. The following sustainability efforts are currently underway at the Colorado Convention Center.

Energy Efficiency

  • In 2010 the 300 kw Roof Top Solar Array generated 401,000 kwh of energy. Combining 2009 and 2010, this system has reduced CO2 emissions by 1,096,606 lbs. This is the equivalent of powering:
    • 6,781 computers for 1 year
    • A TV for 6,126,536 hours
    • 48 homes for 1 year
  • Completed a major Lighting Retrofit: Total Annual Energy savings (kWh) 882,160. Annual cost savings $63,500.
  • In 2010, the Colorado Convention Center reduced the average energy consumption per attendee from 86 kwh in 2009 to 77 kwh.
  • According to Energy Star, the Colorado Convention Center is currently 27 percent more efficient than the national average convention center.

Waste Reduction & Diversion

  • 3 Waste Stream System of Compost, Recycle, Landfill.
  • Donated over 5,300 lbs. of materials to various local nonprofits.
  • Composted 354,300 lbs. of material
  • Recycled 537,600 lbs. of material
  • New Signage for Recycling, Compost and Landfill bins throughout the building.
  • Conversion to compostable service ware for Centerplate operations.

Water Conservation

  • In 2010, water fill stations were permanently installed in the Grand Concourse
  • Reduction of water consumption of almost 49 percent from 2008 to 2009, which resulted in over $25,000 in savings
  • These reductions were a result of water-saving plumbing fixtures and landscape practices

Air Quality

  • Sponsoring TWO B-Cycle Bike Share Stations on site.
  • Adding additional Bike Racks around the venue.
  • Continuing to offer FREE Eco-passes for employees.
  • FREE Hybrid parking spots in the parking garage.

Community Sustainability Outreach

  • Adopted 8 acres of land along the Platte River in Downtown Denver. Multiple times a year, convention center staff volunteer their time to get outside and clean up the area for others to enjoy.
  • Through Reclaim Room Efforts, the convention center donated leftover conference materials to numerous nonprofits, including: RAFT, Mission Ware, Resource, and Bolder Path.
  • In one month, Centerplate donated more than 7,100 meals to local shelters throughout Denver.
  • Member of the Rocky Mountain Green Venues Partnership, a collaboration with various Colorado Venues and the Federal EPA.

ยป Sustainability at the Colorado Convention Center

All information cited from Visit Denver

Additional Green Efforts

  • Post-conference recycling and/or reusing of conference name badges, lanyards, and water bottles.
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